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Featured in GRAPHIS New Talent Design 2006-07. The latest edition in the Graphis series, a premier international forum for students.
The Mexican government strictly regulates the making of tequilas. There are four kinds of tequila: Silver, Gold, Aged and Extra-Aged. The two most popular forms of tequila are Silver and Gold. Silver tequila is the original drink, a strong, pure distillation of the heart of the agave plant. Gold tequila is the same as Silver tequila, but it is typically colored and flavored, most often with caramel.
To be sure you are buying real tequila, you should look at the label for the NOM (Standard Official Mexican Norm) and CRT (Tequila Regulator Council) seals, as well as the category and form of the tequila. Student Project from my Package Design class.