Nagesh Shinde is a professor of graphic design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. His studies suggest that shortly, nearly everyone alive will have written a song, authored a book, made a video, crafted a blog, and coded a program. Think he’s nuts? He’ll tell you his idea is far less outrageous than a prediction 150 years ago that one day everyone would write a letter or take a photograph.

Born near Mumbai, India, Nagesh holds a first professional degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and an MFA in graphic design from Fort Hays State University. He served as art director for J. Walter Thompson in Bombay and senior art director for both Leo Burnett and Virtual World Entertainment Group. During his tenure as Brand Design Manager at online education company Cardean Learning Group, Nagesh had the pleasure of working with cognitive and usability gurus Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen.

Nagesh’s research interests include packaging, brand design management, experience design, and (most importantly) cricket. If he ever left the world of design in the dust, Nagesh would follow his dream of coaching and promote cricket in the United States. For now, he’s satisfied with spreading the AIGA and ACADIA gospel because of the “active engagement in a collaborative and digital design research opportunities.”

So what keeps a web visionary/digi-design wizard awake at night? Try the notion of asymmetrical data flow for creators. When uploads finally exceed downloads—when everyone’s too busy mixing, mashing, and manufacturing— WHO WILL BE A CONSUMER?